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Earth Harmonizing (He Tu Pian)

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs



Earth Harmonizing (He Tu Pian) product image
Ingredients Radix Paeoniae Lactiflorae (White Peony Root / Bai Shao) 13% Tuber Curcumae (Turmeric Tuber, Curcuma / Yu Jin) 12% Fructus Crataegi (Hawthorn Fruit, Crataegus / Shan Zha) 12% Fructus Hordei Vulgaria Germinantus (Barley Sprout / Mai Ya) 12% Radix Bupleuri (Bupleurum Root / Chai Hu) 10% Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (White Atractylodes Rhizome / Bai Zhu) 8% Sclerotium Poriae Cocos (Hoelen, Tuckahoe, Poria Sclerotium / Fu Ling) 8% Radix Codonopsitis Pilosulae (Codonopsis Root / Dang Shen) 8% Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati (Solomon's Seal Rhizome, Polygonatum / Yu Zhu) 8% Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis (Licorice Root / Gan Cao) 7% Rhizoma Coptidis (Coptis Rhizome / Huang Lian) 2% Chinese Medical Actions Harmonizes wood and earth (liver and stomach), relaxes liver qi constraint, disperses food stagnation, supplements spleen and stomach, clears heat, and regulates the flow of qi.
Supplement Facts
Take 2 Tablets Three Times Per Day

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