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Unda Calc fluor 6X Salt




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SKU: UN-192016X
Each tablet contains Calcarea fluorica 6X

Calcarea fluorica is found on the surface of bones, enamel of the teeth, elastic tissues (tendons), skin, lens, and in the vascular walls. Silicea is often used as a complementary remedy in the case of demineralization and suppuration.

• Exostosis and bone caries (in association with Calcarea phosphorica)
• Prolapse, ptosis
• Fibroma of the uterus, nodes and indurated scars
• Lumbago (aggravated by rest, cold and humidity; relieved by motion, dry warmth and friction)
• Cracking of joints and joint pain

• Irregularities of the periosteum (exostosis, thickening of the tendon attachment, craniotables)
• Pathological anomalies of the circulatory system (aneurysm, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, aortitis)
• Slackness of the suspension ligaments, leading to ptosis
• Relaxation of synovial membranes, leading to the formation of cysts
• Tooth enamel deficiency and lose teeth
• The eye lens gets turbid, causing cataract
• The skin shows tendency to fissures, keratosis
• Sensitivity to damp cold
Supplement Facts
Take 5 Tablets Three Times Per Day

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