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Tonsillopas® product image
SKU: PAS-9075

Homeopathic remedy for tonsillitis and for relieving the symptoms of gingivitis such as swollen bleeding or red gums and sore mouth.

Product Facts
Serving Size: 1g (34 drops)

Medicinal Ingredients
Mercurius cyanatus 8X0.40g
Apisinum 6X
Ammonium bromatum 4X
Kalium bichromicum 4X
Kalium chloratum 2X
Baptisia tinctoria 1X0.10g

Non-Medicinal Ingredients
Contains 25% vol. alcohol.

Does Not Contain

Gluten, peanuts, dairy

Recommended Dose
Adults, children ≥ 12 years: 10-15 drops hourly undiluted, maximum 6 times daily. Children (ages 6-11): 7-10 drops undiluted every hour up to 6 times daily. Children (ages 1-5): 5-7 drops undiluted every hour up to 6 times daily. Infants (0-11 months): After consulting a health care practitioner, no more than 3-5 drops undiluted every hour up to 6 times daily.
In acute conditions, it is recommended to keep the undiluted drops in the mouth for a little while because absorption via the oral mucosa intensifies the remedy‘s onset of action.

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Cautions and Warnings
Do not use if you are hypersensitive to bee venom, mercury, chromium.
TONSILLOPAS® has a very rapid onset of action: If taken as directed, this remedy typically produces appreciable improvement within the first 24 hours. If symptoms fail to resolve within one week, a health care practitioner should be consulted. Consult a health care practitioner if you have fever that persists more than three days or is higher than 39°C. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Use of TONSILLOPAS® may increase the flow of saliva and/or be accompanied by skin reactions in individual cases. If this occurs, stop this medicinal product.

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