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Thyroidinum 200K




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SKU: UN-138355GR200K

Thyroidinum organotherapy acts upon that part of the body by using minute doses of extracts of similar animal tissue. Organotherapy's mode of action is dual. First, there is an immunologic action. Because an unhealthy organ releases antigens and produces toxic antibodies which further harm the organ and perpetuate illness, it is important to break this chain of action. When a diluted extract from a healthy animal organ is administered, it plays a role similar to that of an antigen capable of restoring the natural, healthy antigen-antibody balance. Secondly, there is a pharmacological mode of action specific to the target tissue when using dilutions higher than 4X. The effect of the Organotherapeutic extract varies according to the dilution and dynamization.

(Thyroid Gland)

  • Adults: Liquid would be 10 drops as required.
  • Adults: Granules: 5 granules as required.
  • Children under 12: 3-5 drops as required.
  • Children under 12: Granules: 3 granules as required.
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