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Super Easymulti® 45+ for Women

Platinum Naturals



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Super Easymulti® 45+ for Women product image
SKU: PLN-144

Super Easymulti® 45+ for Women

Age is just a number. Good nutrition plays an important role in feeling your best every day, as your ability to absorb nutrients may decrease over time. Super Easymulti 45+ is a complete 10 in 1 anti-aging solution formulated to help fight the effects of aging.

Dosage Instructions
Adults: Take two (2) softgel daily, with a meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Take a few hours before or after talking other medications

Product Sensitivity
Storage: store in room temperature. Transportation: ambient conditions of transportation (15-25C) is required during transportation, when warranted by weather conditions, to ensure that the product is maintained at room temperature.3
Supplement Facts
Take 2 Capsules Once Per Day

2 softgels contain:

Vitamin A ... 454mcg/1500 IU
Vitamin D3 ... 25mcg/1000IU
Vitamin C ... 80mg
(ascorbic acid)
Vitamin E ... 40mg/60 IU
(d-alpha tocopherol)
Vitamin B1 ... 50mg
(thiamine hydrochloride)
Vitamin B2 ... 50mg
Vitamin B6 ... 20mg
(pyridoxine 5-phosphate)
Vitamin B12 ... 100mcg
Pantothenic Acid ... 50mg
Vitamin B3 ... 50mg
Folate ... 400mcg
(folic acid)
Biotin ... 30mcg
Calcium ... 30mg
Copper ... 1mg
(cupric citrate)
Magnesium ... 15mg
Zinc ... 10mg
Manganese ... 3mg
Chromium ... 200mcg
(chromium nicotinate glycinate)
Selenium ... 100mcg
(HVP chelate)
Choline ... 15mg
Inositol ... 15mg

CoQ10 (100 mg)
Milk Thistle (100 mg)
Gingko Biloba (80 mg)
Kelp (50 mg)
Cranberry Fruit (50 mg)
Green Tea Leaf (25 mg)
Grape Seed (20 mg)
Hawthorn Berries (5 mg)

Omega Oils:
Fish Oil (250 mg)
Borage Oil (100 mg)
Flaxseed Oil (600 mg)

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