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Spirityin (Rehmannia Six Formula)

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Clinical Manifestations

  • Kidney and Liver yin deficiencies : soreness and weakness of the lower back and knees, seminal emissions, night sweats, delayed closing or unclosed fontanel in infants, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, deafness, and blurred vision.
  • Yin-deficient heat : steaming bone sensation, heat senations in the palm and soles, tidal fever, thirst, toothache, a dry mouth and throat.
  • Tongue Appearances: red tongue body with a scanty tongue coating
  • Pulse Patterns: fine, rapid pulse

Clinical Applications

Diabetes mellitus, menopause, coronary heart disease, hypertension,
hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid adenoma, bronchial asthma, atrophic gastritis, esophagitis, chronic nephritis, nephritic syndrome, chronic renal failure, periodic paralysis, miscarriage, chronic hepatitis, stroke sequelae, chronic prostatitis, BPH, male or female infertility, impotence, frequent urination, galacturia, side effects of chemotherapy, heel pain, lumbago, retarded growth in children, optic neuritis, and central retinitis.

Formula Rationale

Spirityin (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) consists of three tonic and three sedative herbs. Both sedative and tonifying actions are carried out simultaneously, with more emphasis on the tonifying action though.

Di Huang is the chief herb with its action in tonifying Kidney yin and jing (essence), and replenishes the marrow. Shan Zhu Yu nourishes the Liver and Kidney and condenses jing. Shan Yao tonifies the Spleen and Kidney and consolidates jing. Altogether these three herbs address the deficiencies in the Kidney, Liver, and Spleen.

Ze Xie calms the Kidney, descends the turbidity, and checks the stagnating effect of Di Huang. Mu Dan Pi sedates yin-deficiency fire of the Liver and balances the astringent property of Shan Zhu Yu. Fu Ling tonifies the Spleen to resolve dampness and harmonizes Shao Yao.

Ingredients (per capsule):
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Extract 8:1..........300 mg
  (equivalent to 2.4 g of dried crude ingredients)
  Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia glutinosa) (root).....96 mg
  Shan Zhu Yu (Cornus officinalis) (fruit).....48 mg
  Mu Dan Pi (Paeonia suffruticosa) (root bark).....36 mg
  Shan Yao (Doscorea opposite) (rhizome).....48 mg
  Fu Ling (Poria cocos) (sclerotium).....36 mg
  Ze Xie (Alisma orientalis) (rhizome).....36 mg

Non Medicinal Ingredients:
Certified organic apple fiber, pullulan/ hypromellose (capsule)

Suggested Use

Take 2 capsules, twice a day, better before meals, or as directed by a health care practitioner.


Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

Supplement Facts
Take 2 Capsules Twice Per Day

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