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Progressive Organics VegeSeas

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SKU: PNU-3842
Progressive ORGANICSâ„¢ VegeSeas contains a family of organic, non-GMO green foods that includes spirulina, nori, dulse, kombu, and wakame. Each of these aquatic-origin vegetables was grown and harvested in complete compliance with organic standards.
Mix one scoop (5g) of VegeSeasâ„¢ into fruit juice or the beverage of your choice. May be consumed at any time of the day. Start with a half portion and gradually increase to a full portion as needed. Amount Per Serving Calories: 20 Ingredients: Organic spirulina, organic wakame, organic kombu, organic dulse, organic nori, organic stevia leaf extract, organic citrus flavour, organic lemon juice flavour, malic acid.

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