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Prenatal EasyCal® Calcium

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SKU: PLN-606

Prenatal EasyCal® Calcium

During pregnancy, you need calcium for a healthy nervous, muscular and circulatory system, and for strong bones and teeth. For pregnant women, 1000 mg a day are recommended. The average woman gets 500-800 mg daily from food. Prenatal EasyCal Calcium is an effective way to meet your calcium needs.

Take two (2) softgels daily after a meal, preferably after supper or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. For optimal absorption, take all softgels (up to 2 softgels) at the same time

Serving Size: 2 Softgels

Medicinal Ingredients:
Calcium ... 500mg
(from calcium carbonate and calcium citrate)
Magnesium ... 150mg
(from magnesium citrate and magnesium carbonate)
Vitamin D3 ... 5 mcg/200IU
Vitamin E ... 20 mg/30IU
(d-alpha tocopherol)
Vitamin C ... 40mg
(Ascorbic Acid)
Fish Oil ... 1000mg
(moleculary distilled from herring, sardine and anchovies)(18% EPA 12% DHA)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Non-GMO soy lecithin, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, beeswax.

Softgel Ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, purified water, chlorophyll

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