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Unda Natrium Muriaticum 6X




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Unda Natrium Muriaticum 6X product image
SKU: UN-19209
Each tablet contains Natrium muriaticum 6X

Natrium muriaticum is a constituent of every liquid and solid part of the body (intercellular fluid). Natrium muriaticum is a reinforcing and anti-anemic remedy.

• All skin infections with watery vesicles; weeping eczema
• Blepharoconjunctivitis, cataract, catarrh of the Eustachian tube, coryza with fibrous discharge; rhinopharyngitis with dry cough
• Diarrhea with watery stool on contraction of the rectum; hematuria (pale, pink urine)
• All fevers with thirst and dry tongue; intermittent fever (humid climate); cold symptoms
• Disturbed water balance
• Roaring tinnitus

• Dehydration of the tissues
• Patient loses weight but has a good appetite and is very thirsty
• Upset and ready to shed tears; shows irritability and a weak memory; prefers solitude
• Very sensitive to cold
• Disturbances occur easily after oversupply of salt or acid food
• Any disturbance in the metabolism of Natrium muriaticum causes a disturbance of the biochemical action of the other mineral salts
• At this stage, local oedemas arise, together with symptoms of dehydration (watery vesicles on the skin and dry mouth; local cutaneous swelling)
• Anemic condition due to cell multiplication, halting of the red blood corpuscles.
Supplement Facts
Take 1 To 4 Tablets Four Times Per Day

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