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MJ+ (Minor Middle-Constructing Formula)

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MJ+ (Minor Middle-Constructing Formula) product image
Clinical Manifestations
  • Deficiency of Qi resulting in cold of the middle burner (Jiao) - Signs & Symptoms: abdominal pain alleviated by warmth and pressure, palpitations, fidgeting, irritability, a sallow and dull complexion, sore and cold extremities, and a dry mouth and throat.
  • Tongue: pale, white coating.
  • Pulse: a fine, wiry and moderate pulse.
Formula Rationale
MJ+ (Xiao Jian Zhong Tang) is designed to treat cold and deficiency of the middle jiao with the below clinical manifestations:
1) Spasmodic abdominal pain (cramping) due to interior cold generated from deficiency of the middle jiao - this type of abdominal pain is often relieved by warmth application or pressure. Other associated symptoms may include flatulence and loose stool.
2) Palpitations/fidgeting/irritability/and a dull complexion due to Qi & Blood being compromised by the internal cold & the deficient Spleen (middle jiao).
3) Sore/cold limbs: the deficiency in Qi & blood can cause disharmony between the Ying (nutritive) and Wei (defensive) Qi - resulting in muscles of the limbs not being nourished and warmed.

The Brown Rice Syrup is included instead of the traditionally used barley maltose. The complex sugar is the chief ingredient that warms the middle jiao, tonifies Spleen Qi, and nourishes Spleen Yin; it also soothes the Liver and moistens the dryness in the Lung.

Another chief herb - Gui Zhi (cinnamon twig) - warms the middle jiao and disperses cold.

Bai Shao helps to nourish Yin and blood and relieve distension. Zhi Gan Cao (prepared licorice) tonifies Qi and enhances the warming effects of other herbs.

Da Zao (jujubae) and Sheng Jiang (ginger) together harmonize the Ying (nutritive) and Wei (defensive) levels and tonify the Spleen.

Clinical Applications
(*Note: This formula is ONLY indicated in the following conditions if the patients match Signs & Symptoms, Tongue, and Pulse described in Clinical Manifestations.)
Debility and chronic illness in children, such as enuresis, frequent urination, constant crying, malnutrition, and low-grade fever; diarrhea-dominant IBS, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, epigastric pain, abdominal pain, habitual constipation; hepatitis B, chronic hepatitis, neurasthenia, anemia, and depression.

Ingredients (per scoop): (42 servings)
Xiao Jian Zhong Formula Extract 8:1.....2125 mg
  (equivalent to 17 g of dried crude ingredients)
  Bai Shao (Paeonia lactiflora) (root).....750 mg
  Da Zao (Ziziphus jujuba) (fruit).....375 mg
  Gui Zhi (Cinnamomum cassia) (branch).....375 mg
  Prepared Gan Cao (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) (root).....250 mg
  Sheng Jiang (Zingiber officinale) (rhizoma).....375 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Brown rice syrup, maltodextrin

Suggested Use

Adults - Take 1 scoop, 3 times a day, or as directed by a health care practitioner.


Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are having stomach ache caused by yin deficiency and interior heat. Contraindicated for patients who have got an exterior syndrome which has not been cured yet, or patients with damp-heat in the spleen or with enteric hemorrhage. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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