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Lactoferrin-250 (60 capsules)




Lactoferrin-250 (60 capsules) product image
SKU: AOR-04110
Product Description
Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein found in human and bovine milk that has powerful immune boosting effects. Its multifunctional role also encompasses antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, and immune-regulating activities. Lactoferrin has been used successfully with chemotherapy to improve the immunity of cancer patients and to reduce the treatment side effects. Neonatal units successfully use lactoferrin to help reduce infection in hospitals, and baby formulas manufactured in China are now being supplemented with lactoferrin. Being an immunomodulator, lactoferrin helps manage the inflammatory response. Inflammatory conditions that can benefit from lactoferrin include high cholesterol, gastrointestinal inflammation, respiratory tract inflammation and acne. Lactoferrin may also stimulate the cells responsible for bone growth, and helps improve the absorption of iron from the diet for people with iron deficiency.
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Lactoferrin (from bovine milk)       250 mg

Non-medical Ingredients: sodium stearyl fumarate. Capsule: hypromellose.

Adult Dosage
Take 1-6 capsules daily in divided doses with meals and a few hours before or after taking other medications, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.

Anyone who wants to boost their immunity can take this supplement for extra protection against illness and infection. Lactoferrin contains no lactose and little to no casein, so it is safe for those with a lactose intolerance who want to reap its benefits without having to consume dairy products.

Product Heat Sensitivity 
Safe to store at room temperature but not recommended to expose to heat.

AOR™ guarantees that all ingredients have been declared on the label. Contains no wheat, gluten, corn, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, sulphites, mustard, soy, eggs, fish or shellfish.
Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are allergic to dairy products.
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