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Hemotonin (Four Substance Decoction)

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Hemotonin (Four Substance Decoction) product image

Clinical Manifestations

  • Blood Deficiency in General : pale face, lips, fingernails, sallow appearance, dizziness, blurry vision, palpitations, insomnia, a pale tongue with a white coating
  • Deficiency and injury of the Chong (thoroughfare) and the Ren (conception) channels : irregular menstruation, hypomenorrhea or hypermenorrhea, delayed menstruation OR amenorrhea, pale red menses, abdominal mass from blood stasis, and umbilical and lower abdominal pain.
  • Gestational and postpartum disorders : unstable fetus with bleeding,
    postpartum uterine bleeding with lower abdominal pain, chills and fever.
  • Tongue Appearances: Pale, purple, or dusky tongue. White coating.
  • Pulse Patterns: fine/deficient OR fine/wiry

Clinical Applications
Anemia, postpartum anemia, menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, abnormal vaginal discharge, breech birth presentation, threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, headaches (neurogenic, vascular, and/or trauma-associated), insomnia, chronic nephritis, lumbago, sciatica, periarthritis of the shoulder, dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, and allergic rhinitis.

Formula Rationale
When the Liver blood is deficient, not enough blood is able to rise and supply the head, as well as the sensory organs in the head. This manifests as dizziness, blurred vision, chronic eye strain and generalized muscle tension.

The health of the Liver is reflected in the nails; deficiency Liver blood would result in soft, dry, pale, and lusterless nail appearances. Menstrual cycle is governed by the Liver - to supply or close off the flow of bleed at the appropriate times; hence, in deficiency of the Liver blood, the menses are usually irregular with a scanty flow, or even amenorrhea. Blood stasis could develop as well when the blood is little and does not move well, resulting in periumbilical and lower abdominal pain at the onset of menstruation.

The Heart is also nourished by Liver blood; one may experience palpitations and shortness of breath when the Liver blood is deficient.

All herbs in Hemotonin enter the blood level. Di Huang, the chief herb, tonifies the blood, as well as Kidney, which produces the marrow to increase hemopoiesis. On the other hand, it is imperative to move the blood to prevent stasis after tonifying the blood; Dang Gui enhances blood circulation and tonifi es the blood - nourishing the Liver and regulates the menses. Bai Shao nourishes the blood and consolidates yin while Chuan Xiong assists Dang Gui promoting blood circulation.

Ingredients (per capsule):
Si Wu Wan Extract 8:1..........468 mg
  (equivalent to 3.74 g of dried crude ingredients)
  Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis) (root).....117 mg
  Bai Shao (Paeonia lactiflora) (root).....117 mg
  Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum chuanxiong) (rhizome).....117 mg
  Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia glutinosa) (steamed root).....117 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients:
Certified organic apple fiber, pullulan/hypromellose (capsule)

Suggested Use

Adults - Take 4 capsules, 2-3 times a day, with food, or as directed by a health care practitioner.


Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Supplement Facts
Take 4 Capsules Three Times Per Day

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