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Fermented Golden Curcuma Mix

Vitazan Professional



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Fermented Golden Curcuma Mix product image
SKU: VZ-2563
Elevate your favorite drink with this blend of organic medium chain triglycerides, and traditional herbs and spices including fermented turmeric and ginger for superior absorption and bioavailability.
Studies investigating fermented turmeric and ginger demonstrate greater antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function compared to the unfermented herbs. 
Fermented Golden Curcuma Mix compliments naturopathic plans ranging from weight loss to cognitive support.
Mix 5 g (2½ tsp.) of powder to your favourite hot or cold beverage. For cold beverages, it is recommended to dissolve the powder in a small amount of hot fluid before mixing with cold drink.

Ingredients: Organic medium chain triglycerides (from coconut), acacia gum, organic fermented turmeric, organic fermented ginger, cinnamon,  black pepper.

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