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Echinacea for Kids

St. Francis Herb Farm



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Just the thing for Children’s Colds 

Echinacea for Kids has been specially and effectively formulated for the treatment of children’s colds and flu. It is a low-alcohol tincture that is made with glycerine as well as licorice and fennel for a great-tasting, easy-to-administer immune formula that kids love. Echinacea for Kids has demonstrable antibacterial and antiviral qualities.
The ingredients in this formula include medicinal plants with countless years of traditional use behind them. A tremendous amount of modern clinical and laboratory work confirms that they are especially effective for treating colds, flu, and other infections.
Echinacea is the infection fighter par excellence. Its benefits escalate by combining it with the other herbs in this formula. The fennel and licorice components of Echinacea for Kids have many activities that support its overall effect. Licorice is a valuable tonic and stress-relieving medicinal herb that has proven antiviral and immunostimulatory properties. Fennel too has antimicrobial properties and is a demulcent expectorant helpful in treating coughs. In addition to its other qualities, fennel is a carminative digestive stimulant (often used in “gripe water” to aid in soothing infant colic) and helps relieve the abdominal discomfort often associated with colds and flu. What is more, both licorice and fennel lend their great taste to make this a delicious cold and flu formula for children.

Helps shorten the duration of common colds.
Supplement Facts
Take 45 Drops Three Times Per Day

Adults: 1.5-4 ml (45-120 drops) three times daily, or 4.5-12 ml per day.
Children’s dosage guideline:
Age in Years        Proportion of adult dose 
15+                        Same as adult dose
10-14                     One-half, i.e. 2.3-6 ml (70-180 drops) per day 
5-9                          One-fourth, i.e. 1-3 ml (30-90 drops)  per day
2-4                          One-sixth, i.e. 0.7-2 ml (20-60 drops)  per day
Under 2 years  as directed by health care practitioner.

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