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SKU: STF-0149

ChasteTree  (Vitex agnus-castus; 250 mg/ml)

• Used to treat menstrual irregularities and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Used to treat menopausal disorders
• Used to promote lactation

In the West, chastetree has been employed as a “woman’s herb” from the time of classical antiquity. Modern scientific research has corroborated many of its traditional uses.

In recommending the therapeutic use of chastetree for the symptoms of menopause, James Duke explains that, “The biochemistry is complicated, but basically chasteberry regulates hormones involved in the menstrual cycle. It increases luteinizing hormone production and inhibits the release of follicle-stimulating hormone. All of this translates into a beneficial estrogenic effect.”

Duke notes further that the action of chastetree “leads to a shift in the estrogen-progesterone ratio, resulting in less estrogen to cause or aggravate PMS.”  He also remarks with approval that renowned herbalist Christopher Hobbs suggests its use for promoting lactation.

In one open-label, uncontrolled clinical trial, 1634 women with PMS took a commercial preparation of chasteberry… for three menstrual cycles and were assessed clinically as well as completing a self-assessment questionnaire. Both assessments indicated a significant reduction in a number of symptoms of PMS.”  These results confirm findings from other studies.

A century ago, Eclectic physicians used chastetree as an emmenagogue and also to promote lactation.

In his monograph on this herb, David Hoffmann relates that “The most important therapeutic application for vitex comes from its ability to normalize the activity of female sex hormones. It is thus indicated for dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and other disorders related to hormone function. It is especially beneficial during menopause. Similarly, it may help the body regain a natural balance after discontinuation of oral contraceptives…. Vitex not only eases symptoms of PMS, but also, over time, may actually cure the disorder… Vitex is also effective for irregular menstruation, especially when related to endometriosis. In addition, because progesterone production declines at menopause, vitex may reduce some of the undesirable symptoms associated with ‘the change.’… For women who are trying to get pregnant, vitex may effectively regulate the ovulatory cycle.”

25-40 drops (0.8-1.3ml), three times daily, in a mouthful of water, on an empty stomach.

Supplement Facts
Take 25-40 Drops Three Times Per Day

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