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Calcium phosphoricum 6X Tissue Salt




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Calcium phosphoricum 6X Tissue Salt product image
SKU: UN-19202
Each tablet contains Calcarea phosphorica 6X

Calcarea phosphorica is the most widely spread mineral element in the organism and is found in all tissues. Its action is closely related to the growth of new tissues (pregnancy, growth). It is a reinforcing and remineralizing remedy that gives solidity to the bones and tissues. This remedy is particularly recommended for use with children and elderly adults.

• Unnatural growth and disturbances of the solidity of the bones and strength of the tissues
• Teething related symptoms
• Deficient calcium assimilation with children (fontanelles remain open too long, teeth develop slowly,  rickets; in association with Calcarea fluorica in case of diarrhea after consumption of acid fruits or cold drinks)
• Chronic infections of the mucous membranes (respiratory tract, sexual organs, stomach, intestine): coryza, bronchitis, rhinopharyngitis, tracheitis, gastritis, leukorrhea
• Stomach displacement, prolapsus uteri (in association with Alcarea fluorica)
• Accelerating the formation of callous around the ends of fractured bones
• Ulceration of bone substance (in association with Calcarea fluorica, Silicea and Calcarea sulfuricum)
• Digestive flatulence (anti-acid action)
• Eczema with yellowish or white crusts, hydrocele
• Inadequacy of sphincter
Supplement Facts
Take 1 To 3 Tablets Four Times Per Day

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