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Unda Calcarea Carbonica 6X




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Unda Calcarea Carbonica 6X product image
SKU: UN-19213
Each tablet contains Calcarea carbonica 6X

Calcarea carbonica tissue salts are vital to the efficient functioning of the body, and are used to rebalance calcium levels and restore inadequate calcium metabolism. This tissue sat is indicated to promote fast and strong development of bones and teeth; for joint and bone pain, slow-healing fractures, painful teething in children, eye infections, eczema, menopause and for digestive disorders; and it supports the highly anabolic period during the first months of life. 

• bone fractures
• calcium deficiency
• impaired growth
• decalcification
• teething
• joint pain
• impaired growth
Supplement Facts
Take 5 Tablets Three Times Per Day

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