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Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver & Kidney (kit)




Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver & Kidney (kit) product image
SKU: UN-189065
The human body is bombarded with toxins, resulting in an accumulation that can endanger overall health. While the body has the potential to naturally eliminate these toxins through its emunctories (liver, kidney, stomach, intestines, lungs and skin), the elimination efficiency can vary depending on the amount of toxic accumulations. Biotherapeutic Drainage™ works at an intracellular and extracellular level to help facilitate the emunctories to overcome toxic accumulations and rebalance the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins.
Package includes:
? UNDA Numbered Compound 1 = Liver function and kidney anti-inflammatory*
? UNDA Numbered Compound 20 = Kidney anti-inflammatory*
? UNDA Numbered Compound 243 = Liver pain relief and intestinal purging*

  • GENESTRA BRANDS? Phyto-gen: Black Currant Bud
Hepaprotective properties. Adrenal

Contenu de l?emballage :
? UNDA Numbered Compound 1=Fonction hépatique et anti-inflammatoire rénal*
? UNDA Numbered Compound 20=Anti-inflammatoire rénal*
? UNDA Numbered Compound 243=Soulagement de la douleur hépatique et
purge intestinale*
? GENESTRA BRANDS? Phyto-gen:Black Currant Bud (cassis)
Propriétés hépatoprotectrices. Stimulant

Supplement Facts
Take 5 Drops Three Times Per Day
Adults and Children (over 12 years): From each bottle, take 5 drops three times daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. See individual product packages for risk and ingredient information.
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