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ADR Px L-BP Syrup

Restorative Formulations



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The Adrenal Px L-BP Syrup and the Adrenal Px L-BP Capsules contain a highly concentrated form of Glycyrrhiza (licorice). Licorice supports the maintenance of healthy cortisol and aldosterone levels and is traditionally used to help maintain healthy adrenal glands and a healthy liver.

Adrenal Px L-BP Syrup can be easily titrated for a smaller serving size and may be preferred by those who dislike or cannot tolerate pills. The syrup may be used as is, prepared with hot water to make a tea, or diluted with sparkling mineral water to make a refreshing cold beverage. For people who do not like the taste of licorice, the capsule is recommended over the syrup.

Adrenal Px L-BP Syrup has a lower concentration of glycyrrhizic acid at 70 mg per serving versus the capsule dosage.


Each teaspoon: 5mL

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 40mg

Licorice root extract 4:1 (glycyrrhiza glabra L.) - 735mg

Hawthorn berry extract 12:1 (crataegus laevigata), 0 - 255mg

Rose hip extract 4:1 (rosa canina) - 155mg

Alfalfa Herb (medicago sativa L.), 0 - 140mg

Sarsaparilla root extract 4:1 (smilax officinalis) - 115mg

Eleuthero root extract 50:1 (eleutherococcus senticosus), 0 - 110mg

Minimum Constituent BioMarker Per Dose

Licorice Glycyrrhizic Acid - 70mg

Hawthorne Flavonoids - 10mg

Eleuthro Eleuthrosides B & E - 0.70mg

0=Certified Organic

Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Distilled water, vegetable glycerin, certified organic lemon essential oil


Take 1/8 to 1 teaspoon twice daily, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Can be taken with or without food.

Caution: The ingredients contained within Adrenal Px L-BP syrup can elevate blood pressure and heart rate, thus these products are not intended to be taken by individuals with cardiovascular disease. Due to these effects, patients taking Adrenal Px L-BP syrup, should have their heart rate and blood pressure monitored regularly.

Supplement Facts
Take 1 Teaspoon Twice Per Day
Easy administration: 1/8 to 1 teaspoon in the morning and afternoon.
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