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Adaptogen - Schisandra Berry & Hibiscus Powder - Glow




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Adaptogen - Schisandra Berry & Hibiscus Powder - Glow product image
SKU: ORG-2966
Adaptogen powder for beauty and vitality. Schisandra berry and hibiscus have been long known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a beauty tonic and to maintain vitality. ENHANCE YOUR ROUTINE 100% organic schisandra and hibiscus powder Water-extracted schisandra Steam-treated hibiscus Helps the body adapt to stress Improves skin hydration and protection Anti-inflammatory Improves mental clarity Upregulates liver detoxification functions HOW TO USE Goes great with water and herbal teas!! Can be easily used in smoothies, baking, and sweet drinks drinks Flavour profile: Tart with hints of sweet and bitter

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