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A.H.C.C. Plus

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SKU: DL-9927560X
DESCRIPTION A.H.C.C. ® Plus, provided by Douglas Laboratories ®, supplies a synergistic immuno-supportive combination of A.H.C.C (active hexose correlated compound) and arabinogalactan in vegetarian capsules. FUNCTIONS Mushrooms have always been an important part of Asian medicine and are known to contain numerous substances that help to support the immune system. A.H.C.C. ® (active hexose correlated compound) is a unique mushroomderived extract designed to provide support to the entire immune system. Derived from a patented cultivation, enzymatic decomposition and freeze drying process of several kinds of Basidiomycetes mushrooms, the active compound in A.H.C.C. is thought to be an 1,4 linked glucose oligosaccharide with a molecular weight lessthan 5,000 daltons. This oligosaccharide cannot be found in typical mushroom preparations. Beta-glucans, amino acids and minerals present in A.H.C.C. may also play an important role in its immune supportive properties. Scientific studies using A.H.C.C. in animals and humans suggest that it has potent immunomodulating activity. Scientific research indicatesthat A.H.C.C. may playan important role in supporting the body’s natural defense mechanisms. During certain therapies, gastrointestinal function, skin and hair health as well as general well-being can be adversely affected. Studies in Japan using A.H.C.C. have shown it to positively affect the functioning of the body and to improve overall well-being. Studies have also demonstrated itsimportant roles in helping support overall immune function, including during times of oxidative stress. Arabinogalactan, a derivative of theWestern Larch tree (Larix occidentalis) and the Eastern Larch tree (Larix laricina) is a polysaccharide composed of galactose and arabinose units. Arabinogalactan is added in this formula for the supportive role it plays in immune health.


Suggested Use:
take 2 – 6 capsules daily or as directed by physician. 

Serving Size: 2 Vegetarian Capsules

Amount Per Serving
A.H.C.C. ® Proprietary Blend
...1,000 mg
(Active Hexose Correlated Compound) Mushroom mycelia extract, cadelilla wax, cyclodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose
Arabinogalactan ... 100 mg

A.H.C.C. is a registered trademark of Amino Up Chemical Company, Ltd. of Sapporo, Japan. 

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